Just Great Software Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies whenever you browse a web site or use a software product published by Just Great Software Co. Ltd..

At Just Great Software, we value your privacy as much as we value our own. We collect only the minimum amount of personal information as needed to provide you our products and services. We store all information we collect securely. We never share any information, unless absolutely necessary to provide your our products and services.

Which Information We Collect

When You Browse Our Web Site

We do not collect any personally identifiable information when you browse our web site, and you do not explicitly fill out any information on a form on our web site (see below). The log files kept by our web server allow us to view visitor patterns, but do not allow us to identify any individual visitors.

When You Use The Free Trial Version

You can download the free evaluation version of our products anonymously. No personally identifiable information will be collected when you download, install, run or uninstall the free evaluation version.

When You Buy Our Software Direct

When you buy our products directly from Just Great Software, our order form will collect your name, email address and postal address. We will use this information only to collect payment and to deliver you the software you purchased. We will keep your contact information in our database so we can provide you with after-sale service, such as the free technical support and free minor upgrades your purchase entitles you to.

The information you provide will never be shared with any third party, unless necessary to fulfill your order. To improve customer service, Just Great Software outsources certain services. We may change providers without prior notice, but will update this privacy policy when we do.

Presently, we have only outsourced the handling of credit card orders. We use Stripe to process credit card orders. Your credit card details are transmitted directly to Stripe by your browser when you place your order. Stripe complies with all the rules and regulations imposed on handling card details by the credit card companies. This ensures our ordering process is as secure as possible. Stripe has their own privacy policy.

We may use your contact information to contact you from time to time about new versions of the software you purchased, or other products and services that may interest you. Any mailing will be done in-house by us. We will remove you from our mailing list upon simple request.

When You Buy through Our Partners

Our ordering pages may link to various partners, resellers, and payment platforms though which you can buy our products. In particular, we accept orders through PayPal. Each partner has their own privacy policy. They are not governed by the Just Great Software privacy policy.

Our partners will share your contact information with us, but not your payment information. We will use your contact information to fulfill your order, provide after-sale service, and inform you of updates, as we would when you buy our products directly from Just Great Software.

We Keep Your Information Safe

Our web server is hosted in a secure data center located in the USA and operated by Pair Networks. Pair Networks is one of oldest and most reliable Internet hosting companies in the world, with an excellent security track record. Pair Networks staff have access to our server to maintain the server's operation and security. They do not have access to any data we store on the server.

Our online order form transmits your data using 256-bit AES SSL encryption, the strongest encryption supported by modern web browsers. This makes it impossible for a 3rd party to eavesdrop on the transmission.

Referrer Tracking and Cookies

We spend a significant amount of money to advertise our products on various web sites and search engines. When you click on an advertisement or a link on a 3rd party web site, our web site may store referrer information in a cookie in your web browser. This cookie does not contain any information that could identify you. The cookie only allows us to track our advertisements. When you download the licensed version after purchasing our products, our web site will read the cookie to track the effectiveness of each advertisement. No other web site, not even the web sites we advertise on, can read the cookie.

The web sites you visit containing our advertisements have privacy policies of their own, and may use cookies of their own. We do not have access to any of those cookies. None of the web sites we advertise on share personally identifiable information with us. We receive only aggregate, anonymous statistics.

To protect your privacy, our web site does not use cookies to recognize repeat customers. You must enter your contact details each time you want to make a purchase, subscribe to our newsletter, or download a minor upgrade.

Future Changes

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. If the policy is made more stringent, the new restrictions will apply retroactively to any information we previously collected. If the policy is made more lenient, the new policy will not apply to previously collected information, unless you enter into a new transaction with Just Great Software, such as making another purchase or updating your newsletter subscription.