About Just Great Software

Just Great Software is the brand name established in 1996 by Jan Goyvaerts. His mission is to create convenient software solutions that will make your life easier, not more complex. He does not intend to make Just Great Software the largest software brand in existence. He wants this label to be carried by software that is of a much higher quality than the average software package available today. Face it, how often are you frustrated with that -censored- computer because of yet another thoughtless piece of software? On this web site you will find software that is considered to be truly Just Great Software by the myriads of people who have downloaded or purchased some or even all of these software applications before you.

If I may quote one satisfied customer: "It is products like this that make it fun to [work with computers]: Don't you just love it when things work!?"

Over the years, Just Great Software has grown into a successful business, without debt, healthy cash reserves, and a healthy cash flow. Still, Just Great Software remains a small business, without outside investors, and we intend to keep it that way. Personal contact with our customers and individual customer satisfaction are worth more to us than quarterly revenue figures. Perhaps because of our focus on quality, those revenue figures continue to rise. We look forward to providing the world with first rate software for many years to come.

About Jan Goyvaerts

Jan Goyvaerts is the founder and owner of Just Great Software. He spends most of his days working as Chief Software Designer, designing and developing the software sold under the Just Great Software brand, turning great ideas into fine, intuitive applications. Jan also handles a significant part of the customer care and technical support part of the business. Staying in touch with customers directly gives him a lot of valuable feedback to improve existing products and design new applications. So please do contact us if you have something to say.

Jan Goyvaerts
Jan Goyvaerts
Chief Software Designer
and founder of Just Great Software

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