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The Just Great Software RSS news feed brings you timely news from Just Great Software. The news feed will inform you of product updates and new releases. It will regularly share tips and tricks for our software and announce discounts or other special actions. As a subscriber, you will not miss any important event and you are sure not to miss out on any promotional discounts. From time to time you will have the opportunity of trying new software before it is made available to the general public.

While the news feed is delivered to you using the same RSS technology used by blogs, it isn't a real blog. It only gives you factual information about our present and future products and services. Typically, you'll get less than a handful of updates every month. Adding the news feed to your news reader won't overflow your reading list.

Blogs by Jan Goyvaerts

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Jan Goyvaerts is the founder and owner of Just Great Software. He is an avid blogger. He writes three blogs. Micro-ISV.asia is his software business blog, where he writes about his own business as well as the software industry in general. Regex Guru is his blog about regular expressions, on which he is a world-class expert. Finally, Phuket.ME is his personal blog, where he writes about what's happening in his life and the island he lives on with his family.